I would note that the short, intermediate, and long-term consensus for inflation are all 2.0% +/- 0.5% — as found in the TIPS breakeven market — and this range has been in place for much of the past decade.

One of the larger risks is the growing interest, and calls for, a higher inflation rate (long time developing). They want roughly 4% (implicitly emanating through price level targets), the market thinks 2% inflation is some sort of magical target (it's not, so to that extent they are exposed to being blindsided) - Maybe 3% - 3.5% will be something that can be done.

Follow John Williams et al at the Fed. They have been, and may continue to be, influencing the future of monetary policy. If you're a bond trader, a decision tree may be useful: One branch is that the monetarists' ideas belonging to Williams et al, and what a shift inflation expectations means (the methods are open?), and other branch is that the current regime continues to "win" (quotes for it is apparent that the forces of technology, and some demographics, are deflationary and have wrestled control of inflation from the Fed).





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