Last week I got infected by the C.F.A. Meme, the Meme is telling me that if I want to achieve something in this life then I must have the C.F.A. certification. I decided to follow the Meme blindly, and ordered the materials to study for the December exam.The company from which I got the materials also offers an every Tuesday video chat with the guy that prepared the whole course, in which he answers questions. Yesterday’s best question was, ‘Why are you such a jerk?’

Everything was going fine until the last minute when our mentor made the following comment, “I would suggest you guys read Barron’s Magazine, which is a must read publication in this industry, and especially Mr. Alan Abelson’s column, which I’ve been reading for decades”.

It frightens me to think how many C.F.A.s that have been prepared by this guy have followed his advice and became Abelson’s fans, which means that the cult of the bear keeps growing.

Rick Ackerman mentions:

Keep an eye on those housing stats, J. P., since they are the most powerful recruitment tool the cult of the bear has possessed since the Dust Bowl. This forum’s Roger Arnold — no cultist in my book — makes them go down like a soufflĂ©.

Regarding Alan Abelson, whom I have worked with, he is the last, and the very best of a dying breed of hard-hitting journalists. Maybe a little too hard-hitting, since his relentless devotion to unpopular facts probably cost him his managing editorship job in the wake of the ‘mild’ recession of 1990-91.

Andrea Ravano adds:

It is things like this that mean there are more cheap stocks for us to buy. Is the fact of opposing views not a great opportunity for careful speculators?!


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