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December 27, 2017 |

 The more I read about this market the more Bitcoin and its offshoots look like Railroad stocks in the late 1800s. Behind the shadows there are ‘whales’ who own large blocks with the credulous public chasing the market higher. Every time there is a mini panic these guys come in and support the market like a modern version of Jay Gould. For the time being they are seen as kind benefactors with some kind of wispy greater goals in mind (to save the market/solve global poverty/give humanity its freedom etc). I reckon they are pushing the market up together to liquidate their holdings on the gullible public. A couple of days ago LiteCoin founder said he’d liquidated his whole holdings as he didn’t want a conflict of interest. When it all crashes and the publics savings are wiped out there will be wailing and hand wringing but who are they going to complain to? After all, bitcoin buyers think the establishment is out to get them which is what drew them to go ‘off piste’ in the first place!

I don’t think many people are ‘trading’ bitcoin. We know the stress trading financial markets with a fraction of the volatility. Anyone who tries to trade these tokens is going to have a heart attack within a month. They are a mixture of ‘real money’ (money launderers/criminals gangs and rogue states like N Korea doing off the system transactions) and ‘long only investors’ most of whom are investment neophytes. The latter are the second coming of the silver brigade we saw a few years ago. In fact I think the Silver tin hat lunatics have migrated to Bitcoin and other tokens and picked up other followers along the way. Check the Silver price vs. Bitcoin movement (people have mentioned Gold but I think Silver is the one which is inversely correlated although I need to test it).

Andy Aiken writes:

The volatility is a profound boon to a trader, not inherently a nerve-wracking experience. It’s unclear what you think a trader actually does.

The concentration of ownership of BTC is not dissimilar to present-day ownership of US stocks or real estate.

As for the smear of an inherent criminality, this has been debunked here numerous times. It’s almost always the final argument of those who would prefer that humanity have no economic freedom at all.





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  1. Andre on December 27, 2017 6:01 pm

    A person owning bitcoin in early stages would have to have been in a coma to still be in. I purchased three bitcoin in 2011 and i still wonder after reading creature from jeckyll island why i didnt conect the dots. In order to have been a big winner you would really have to be an insider but its the same with snything in speculation right? How can bitcoin go down to two dollars from 100 and now up to teen thousands. Why would someone bet on the second wave? I dont get it, maybe someday i will.

  2. Andre on December 27, 2017 6:51 pm

    Why don’t we all just take the quarters on the kitchen counter and buy ripple for 1.30 each in the event that this really manifests itself. with such exponential growth whats to lose?

  3. Pierre Aribaut on December 31, 2017 4:51 am

    I never bought any bitcoin, i guess now it’s too late and too risky to buy someone, like you say i want to have my heart safe, i’ve seen the volatility and the thousands of % before, i’ve also seen that sometimes the spread is huge, not good for trading also.


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