Brink Lindsey of the Niskanen Center and Steven Teles of the Niskanen Center and Johns Hopkins University talk with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about their book, The Captured Economy.

Lindsey and Teles argue that inequality has been worsened by special interests who steer policy to benefit themselves.

They also argue that the influence of the politically powerful has lowered the overall growth of the American economy.





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  1. marion dreyfus on December 23, 2017 3:53 am

    Another book worth a look is Galt Niederhoffer’s POISON, which begins carefully, almost elegisacally, but soon captivaes with the maelstrom of emotion and trouble the protasgonist, Cass, encounters as her husband of some years inisdiously toxifies their marriage bed, their home, and soon, the life of his wife. Galt carries the narrative along from highs to lowest lows, inhabiting the life of possible thousands of wives who doubt their husband’s fealty, and discover the cost when the abused wife tries to call attention to the declared villainous once-ardent husband. Sounds the knell of desperation, and touts the necessit to remain dispassionate, proof-oriented, and calmin the face of skeptics all around.


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