My wife had a friend visit from out of town. Since the friend and her husband liked gambling, we took them to a casino for the evening. I did not last long at the craps table, losing the first six points (it reminded me of my trading, all from the long side, on February 27). I wandered over to the sports book and bet on a hockey game. At least I could watch my favorite sport and at worst take several hours to lose a small amount of money.

The sports book was nearly deserted by the time the game went into overtime at 9:30 pm. Two other men who had bet on the same team as I sat down nearby. One was quite talkative, saying he had won all his bets that day, all on hockey games.

Nobody scored in overtime, and the game went to a shootout. As the first player lined up for the series of shots that would win or lose the game, the talkative man said, "This is it. This is why we bet–it's the rush."

I wonder how many people trade for the rush. No doubt there are some, and I would guess there is money to be made in taking the other sides of their trades.





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