I'm really enjoying Supermoney by Adam Smith, republished by Wiley. I question, however, some mention of the Bank of International Settlements.

Smith wrote,

 "The stock of the bank is held by the member governments: the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, and so on. Every once in a while there seem to be a few stray shares floating around, and so there was this day. For something like $1,100, I bought one share. Then the stockholders were the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Japan, Italy, and Adam Smith."

Upon reading that passage, I scrambled to see if I could buy some shares. But I read on the Internet that the public shares were forcibly bought back from private hands. Can anyone provide color on the performance of the BIS shares whilst held by the public? Were they a home run, just a steady performer, or a slow mover? More important, are there any similar organizations with small and obscure share offerings?





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  1. john on March 27, 2007 4:20 am

    i owned shares in the BIS. largely to force myself to read the
    white papers of the 'money masters'. they traded on the cac. we shareholders received a very unfair offer and the BIS was taken to court and forced to raise the offer. dont imagine yourself 'clever' if you wish to own shares in an illicit monopoly for personal gain. i owned them for monitoring BIS corruption.

    the BIS is a shadowy organization, for world government started by Keynes and laundered money for the Nazis. who knows now that's its not public who it launders money for now, the worlds drug cartels and elitist war mongers in London, Washington, and Tel Aviv?

    that academics dont call for audits of the DTC, the FRB and BIS by third parties, is scandalous. it was a sad day when the BIS, went 'private' as it even became a more opaque organization of ner-do-wells.

    im amazed at the "erudition", of this board, and the sycophant's everyone is for the central banks when they have destroyed the purchasing value of the dollar by over 90 % since the FRB was formed in 1913. i cant think of a more evil group of people than the class A shareholders of the FRB, and the BIS.

    Like hiding, M3 by the FRB. The FRB is largely a joke, anymore that people like this board are mesmerized by its machinations, or co participants in its corruption, doesn't speak highly of this boards acuity or morality. as a good friend of mine says on wall street a rather famous hedge fund manager, whose name i wont give, 'the Federal Reserve Bank is the root of all evil'. i expect victor knows this, but hes another Zionist.

    but hey, this is war central, everyones a conservative until their kid has to go off to war or they themselves, in our bloody Zionist oil war for Israel, paid for in fiat pumped into china, or until they get sent the bill.

    did this board catch ole Henry paulson of Goldman Sachs granting access to key missile technology to china, for war bond support and banking franchises. nope as this BLOG, supports corruption in government. it lives for it. see., if you want some 'truth' on how the world really works. its an intelligence service i used to disown myself of hacks who taught me as an under grad and grad student decades ago, like victor.

    rather than reading Adam smith, you ought to read rothbard. hes about the only sensible economist outside of Von mises. smith was a political economist, at best, more of philosopher. he understanding of economics was even more rudimentary than his understanding of morality. smith was a plagiarist of the worse sort. i remember reading his wealth of nations as a child and spotting so many errors in logic and reason in it, it was hardly worth finishing. that anyone would take what he wrote seriously today is risible to me from an economics perspective. i read it again when i was in the university and it only became even more juvenile. i do credit it with my switching to applied mathematics, and physics and engineering as my economist professors at uc Berkeley were all too corrupt, and to be frank, non quantitative for me.

    a good site to monitor fed corruption is, and and in particular there is a good read, at nowandthefutures on how the central banks, rig, or if you prefer the term manage the gold price. an excellent book on gold, i liked was 'gold wars' by Herr lipps the founder of bank lipps and former executive vp of UBS.

    not a nice comment perhaps, but this is not a board of nice people, its more a board of politically correct people spouting nonsense, about central banks and bloody Zionist right winged war mongers.

    really i cant tell you people how much i loathe you. Zionism is racism. see the tremendous intellectual works of Alexander solzhenitsyn, 200 years apart, or the work of the English historian, Douglas read, 'the controversy of Zion', or one of my favorites by Israel shahak, Israel: the weight of 3000 years. that no one has held the jewish people to account for murdering sixty million christians in russia, is the real holocaust.

    victor should give up his racism. that this board spouts garbage that this is a free country with stuff like the patriot act, government spying, torture, just shows you victor is another zionist nazi like dershowitz. a seller of racism and hate and war, and with a shadowy opaque.


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