Bitcoin passed a milestone today, although it has gone unrecognized and unheralded.

Those who hold BTC, and have held it prior to July 24 of this year, received an equivalent amount of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold in their wallets. For example, one who held 5 BTC would have received 5 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on August 1 and 5 Bitcoin Gold (BTG) on October 24 in the wallet.

Today, the combined value of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Gold surpassed $10K.

Currently, BTC + BCH + BTG = 8184 + 1655.10 + 391.50 = 10,230.60





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  1. russell thomas on November 25, 2017 12:09 pm

    The idea of having an international neutral currency detatched from nation baggage and regulation is obviously quite appealing . Im just learning about bitcoin , and quite alot to take in. At first glance bitcoin is agreat idea but im gussing a fork will occur that could make the original bitcoin unwanted and then of no value. Is this possible ? Or will bitcoin always exist and always be in demand even if a fork ends up more value ?


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