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Does anyone have primer like material recommendations in the areas of CLOs/Distressed Debt Funds/Structured Credits? My guess is anything by Fabozzi or like minded authors would be too technical at this juncture.

I have stepped away from finance the last few years working on my "lemonade stand" venture, a career and academic coaching/advisory firm in Shanghai. I have a client who is an emerging international tax/fund administration expert and is now starting to have discussions with some of the premier buyside firms in the world re: the areas above. She's about to finish the CFA and start CAIA but the material is generally too rudimentary. She's looking to upgrade her lingo abilities.

I would appreciate a few ideas.





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  1. nat on November 21, 2017 7:51 pm

    I read the first edition of this book and found it relatively helpful before taking a position modeling CLO/CDO deals. Likely a bit out of date but anything new likely rimes.


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