While everyone is focused on the no brainer outcomes in VA and NJ, it's quite interesting to observe that Dems swept all of the low level row office positions in the Bucks County and Montgomery County courthouses near Philadelphia.

This is interesting for two reasons.

1. It has never been the case that incumbents got booted out like this, let alone all of them.

2. These two counties flipping to R over the past three decades are a big reason why Rs have been able to do well in Pa. since these are/were the swing counties.

Apparently no longer. They booted out all the incumbent Rs, something which has never happened.

Wow, people must really hate Trump for that to happen. Of course things can change between now and the midterm elections and the next presidential election.

But this is a huge indicator of where things are going, at least for now, and one you may have missed because who tracks row office elections in county courthouses.





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  1. Chris on November 8, 2017 10:09 pm

    It’s not that people hate trump, it’s that people hate establishment republicans.

  2. Richard Berger on November 9, 2017 4:59 pm

    Nonsense. I live in PA and there was very little interest and low turnout in what were essentially local elections. That contrasts with 2016 where it was truly Trumpsylvania.


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