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November 3, 2017 |

"Russian Influence Reached 12 Million Through Facebook Alone":

"The internet search giant Google also confirmed earlier reports that the Internet Research Agency [a Kremlin-linked hasbara outfit] had purchased search and display ads from it. Google said the group had bought $4,700 in ads… How could poor Hillary, with only $1.2 billion and a virtual monopoly on the fervent support of the press lords—both American (such as Jeff Bezos of The Washington Post) and un-American (such as Carlos Slim of The New York Times)—hope to compete with Moscow's marketing might?"

In Facebook's earnings call this evening, Mark Zuckerberg emphasized at length how serious he is about investigating the Russians' use of Facebook to influence the US election, and how Facebook's increased security/preventive efforts will take priority over Facebook profits.Aside from the article quoted above (and linked to below), are there any major media news stories that have realistically analyzed and explained to the public the total $145,000 claimed to have been spent by Russia-linked buyers on Google, Facebook and other social media, compared to the over $1 billion spent by Hillary Clinton, plus equivalent amounts from the DNC and rich PACs supporting her?

$4,700 is what my auto parts company used to spend on Google EACH WEEK, and it did nothing to prevent the company from failing. I very much doubt the $4,500 spent on Google by the Russians (supposedly to foster racial tension by encouraging Blacks to attend protest events, as I recall, although possibly that was their Facebook spending) influenced even one vote.

Jeb Bush had a war chest of $100,000,000 early in the Republican primary contest and he could not influence the election.

Hillary Clinton and her supporters had a couple of billion dollars to spend and could not influence the election.

And if an easier comparison, how about the $145,000 the supposed Russian collusion with Trump spent compared to the $12 million the Hillary campaign and DNC spent to collude with the Russians in developing the anti-Trump dossier?

I realize reporters are usually not good at math, but don't they have any sense of the difference between $145,000 and $12 million? Or the difference between $145,000 and a couple of billion?





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