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October 20, 2017 |

 Memory enhancement is an area apparently in need of further research–the recent statement highlighted below by one in the field is surprising to read.

1. "Working memory and distractions were the subjects of the second speaker, Fiona McNab, a Wellcome Trust Research Career Development Fellow at the University of York (UK). McNab explained that working memory is important for decision making, reasoning, language, and mathematical processing.

She said there was no scientific evidence to show current brain training games could improve working memory; while games might improve the performance of a specific task intrinsic to the game, they do not have a transfer effect to other tasks. Instead, McNab highlighted the use of functional magnetic resonance imaging and behavioural studies to explore working memory and distraction. She also referred to the Great Brain Experiment, an app that allows users to play games to test their memories and provide data for neuroscience research."

2. There is certainly an interesting history to the idea of memory improvement though. Pelaminism was a popular subject in Victorian England.

It is interesting to consider what combinations of games and training would be most synergistic to improving memory. There are activities like climbing a tree or balance-related exercises that are thought to be helpful in this regard too. Link 2 suggests an IQ increase of 10-20 points over time–that's quite a claim. Further research needed though.

3. "The biggest lesson here was that — yes — intensive training strengthens cognition and the brain, but we still don't understand why and how," Courtney said. "We can't just jump onto a video game and expect that's going to cure all of our cognitive problems. We need more targeted interventions."

4. Here's an example of the dual n back program and here is one of the free dual n back games online.





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