The Columbo series showed a different kind of detective mystery.

Instead of starting out with uncertainty and finding the perp, it starts out with a carefully documented murder, and then the plot is "how to catch him" rather than "who did it".

For a linear difference equation there are only 9 shapes that the dynamic solution can take. Depending on the y(t) = b(y(t-1) + a how are these two paths to the solution related.

Right before I go to sleep I like to play with a good difference equation preferably second order. It's often a fibonacci.





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  1. Stan Rowen on October 15, 2017 8:25 pm

    One of the delightful things about the Columbo series is how a shabby, seemingly foolish detective always ends up outsmarting the sophisticated, clever, overconfident, condescending criminal. We know before they do, that they cannot avoid the inevitability of the case being solved by Columbo. We enjoy that the shattering of their hubris and their downfall have been caused by an overly humble character who they had, until the end, considered grossly inferior to themselves.


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