Fans of confidence games will thoroughly enjoy the ESPN 30 for 30 podcast called "A Queen of Sorts" detailing the elaborate con pulled off by "Kelly" Sun and her whale, poker star Phil Ivey, to fleece multiple casinos worldwide out of tens of millions of dollars. The play is revealed in elaborate detail by a panel of experts who have reviewed the surveillance tapes to peel back the layers behind their method– edge sorting.

All elements of the classic con are represented. First they must grease the wheels. Taking advantage of casino's bias that Asian women are "stupid and superstitious", they banter with purpose, seasoning each new dealer. Next come the small requests that they need granted in order and to a T. Little by little, they sort the deck without ever touching the cards. By the time the play is set, they have a 6% edge on each hand of baccarat - at $150,000 per hand. Huge winnings ensue.

But they encounter a new problem - how do you get out the door with $10 million of a casino's money? I made the wife and kids listen during dinner one night and while they protested like a pack of wild wolves in the beginning, by the end of the meal they had every deck of cards in the house out searching for irregularities. Tremendous. Enjoy.

Jeff Watson writes:

I followed this closely. Ivey did not cheat and was brilliant, that's all. It wasn't a con, just good gambling and he beat the house fair and square. Casinos always welcome you to come try out your "system." This is an example of what will happen when your system works well. The casino will cry foul and welsh.


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