Rest in peace Stanley Rumbough.

One of his ex-wives, Margaretha Rumbough, is Swedish, lives in Phipps Plaza, keeps a wonderful, wild garden and is a very nice lady I have met. In the small encircled Phipps Plaza "park", Margaretha has helped to save a strangler fig tree twice that was knocked down first by Hurricane Wilma and now Hurricane Irma; a tree that I climbed as boy and fell out of and broke my arm on one of its shallow, surface roots. She takes an interest in the empty shops that have remained empty along South County Rd. and Seaview Ave. in Palm Beach that front Phipps Plaza in Palm Beach and regrets that there are no art galleries or other fun businesses in them yet.

I did not know Mr. Rumbough but I do know he was one of the few people who author Larry Leamer wrote well of in his book, "Madness Under the Royal Palms". And Mr. Rumbough was especially nice to Leamer even though Larry was a political opposite and certainly not "Old Guard".

To quote Leamer in the 2009 book: " Despite his age and the fact he lost and eye on the golf course, there is still an exuberant impish quality to the man. He loves Palm Beach with passionate loyalty and devotion. He loves the island the way he loves women, the sheer lines of Palm Beach, the nuances, the subtleties, the grace."





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