A coworker's girlfriend's cousin's late father had cleared out shelters in the 60s or 70s and stocked up a barn with biscuits, candy, shovels, 1967 medical gloves, and portable toilets. He has been eating the biscuits and candy since the 60s, and gave me two boxes, which contained two, 12 1/2 lb cans containing 1112 biscuits.

I opened one from Jan 1963 this morning; i have the same opinion as my coworker, yuck. They don't taste too good. Maybe one from the center will taste better. But now I can say I know what a 44-year-old biscuit tastes like. These look like the saltine crackers I remember as a kid that were four squares that would be broken into quarters. I should be getting some of the candy soon. I was told it tasted great. If I like it, it will be great with my 57 Chevy at the shows to say, "Hey, want to try a piece of candy almost as old as my car?" It may be funnier with my 67 Mustang, "want to try a piece of candy older then my car?"

I suggested they try putting some on eBay. It would be nice to see pictures of inside the mine. The Geiger counters often sell at ham fests for between $40 and $100. I have one with the original box and also some dosimeters; if you find them they should sell well.





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