The back and forth between North Korea and the US is so much like that between Germany and England during 1935-1939. Always Hitler said: "Please meet my just demands or I'll make war". He'd say, "My patience is running out." And then: "This is absolutely my last territorial demand". The reaction in England was that war in the past was very destructive, and that he did have some justice on his side. But they got to know him as wily. So they provided "economic sanctions" against him and appealed to the League of Nations to create peace.





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  1. John Hutchins on September 12, 2017 4:21 pm

    I suspect N. Korea is something of a sock-puppet for China’s foreign policy. I see they’ve been aggressive in claiming disputed reefs and islands. Maybe there’s something to this idea.

    One difference here is that Germany was willing to go to war. Certainly S. Korea and Japan, both of whom would bear the brunt of the conflict, would nix any U.S. peremptory attack. I doubt N. Korea would see war as beneficial.

    Maybe it’s just a lot of noise from the North.

  2. Kurt on September 20, 2017 8:42 pm

    War would be the end of North Korea. Kim saw Saddam and Gaddafi give up WMD and end up dead. Having WMD is an insurance policy for Kim, who is a ruthless dictator and wants to stay in power. He has too good a gig to want to die in his early 30s. He will push and try to blackmail the world so he can continue to live the good life.


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