Sooo Strong, from Ralph Vince

August 26, 2017 |

Those bonds last week should have had a little dip and that quiet strength is a sign of another wave of money about to flood equities again. All measures I keep, the valuation regression, which is only 14% over–nothing for a bull run, that relationship of short rates and earnings, the yield curve itself, breadth and confirmations, and the broader economic measures, the duration-balanced treasury rate continuing to drop (how about that 30 year?) all point to nothing but strength everywhere.

Looking at Drudge the past 24 hours, any market-related news is very negative. As hard as it may feel to pile in, it doesn't get much easier than this, folks.

Only 2 measures (really, super-measures for a market run-up) aren't going off here (and oh, if only they would!). One, proprietary that I only speak of with a select group, the other, that 20 year constant to linear between the 10 and 30, which is flirting at 5 bps over, and could invert pretty quickly here perhaps.

Just close your eyes…do what's hard here now, and get long. Ask yourself, "Do I want to go through my entire life as a weenie?"





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  1. Publius on August 28, 2017 12:18 am

    How does one join your select group?

  2. Andre on August 28, 2017 11:07 am

    Like a Chinese shop keeper saying “be a man”


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