Prof. Haave and I stood on the deck of the of the parking garage of our office here in STL. We were both excited to see the eclipse, but neither of us expected what we were about to see.

It blew us away!

We watched as the "Beads" formed around rim of the moon as C2 was about to occur. The Beads are formed when the mountains on the moon block out the sun, but surface of the moon hasn't fully covered the moon.

We also saw the 'Diamond Ring" as the C3 formed (no diamond ring on C2). The diamond ring was completely spectacular. I wish there was some way to show everyone what we saw at that moment, but our iPhones were not made for eclipses.

When we were in totality, we saw "Shadow Snakes" appear on the white surface of the parking garage.

But the highlight was definitely what was happening the sky during the totality. The moon was dark in the middle and rimmed with fire. The "oohhh's" and "ahhhh's" from the several hundred people watching the eclipse with us described it perfectly.

Then someone yelled, "Look, there's a star". Then others started pointing out other stars. Everyone looked on the beauty and grandeur of the stars like children who were seeing stars for the first time.

The guys in the office next to mine, had a small table set up with a speaker for their iPhone. They were playing "Dark Side of the Moon" very softly in the background. Some other people from another office in the building overheard the music and told them to "TURN IT UP!!!!". Other people chimed in and up went the volume.

Everyone on the roof of the parking garage enjoyed watching a phenomenal celestial event all while being serenaded to the appropriate song.

If you ever get a chance to see a full eclipse, you should definitely go.

The skies are getting brighter and the temperature is rising again.

Time to get back to work.





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  1. marion dreyfus on August 28, 2017 5:43 pm

    Nice to see your unalloyed enthusiasms.
    Adults often fail to get excited, losing that childish delight that so nourishes our lives, no matter what age.



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