My view on James Cramer is to take him strictly as entertainment along with his show Mad Money. His discussions are very topical and he has on occasion gotten himself in hot water with regulators with his off-the-cuff remarks both on his show and his website, The He has also incurred the wrath of regulators for allegations of front running which ultimately led to the demise of his predecessor in this field and CNBC's Mr. Dan Dorfman.

Yet he can be helpful and harmful to a neophyte investor, which appears to be his audience. He is helpful from the perspective he is very animated and theatrical and thus keeps his young audience's attention. Moreover, he gets them interested in stocks, the markets, and investing at a young age. This is a good thing.

However, and this is my opinion, he is harmful because of his very cavalier Lightning Round and his lack of accountability and follow-up. In addition, he offers opinions on many stocks with witty quips and seemingly little analysis. This can be construed as damaging because it gives the impression that investing is a carnival act rather than a very sober and difficult venture. Still, I must say I do like him in small doses.

For stock ideas and market perspective I much prefer Fast Money hosted by Dylan Ratigan on CNBC at 8:00pm eastern time. His original after-hours show was replaced with Mad Money and now he is back with his new show and new format. His guest lists are actual people who make actual money.

For after-hours economic views and market perspective I appreciate Kudlow and Co. for the guest list if nothing more. Here you can get views from Arthur Laffer, Wayne Angell, and others.

As always, these shows should be taken with a grain of salt. Caveat emptor information that is free is usually worth what you pay for it. I am sure there are varied opinions on this but as they say, "That is what makes markets." These opinions happen to be mine.






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