With the murder of my friend George Carroll, New York City just became a lonelier place.

I first met George when I moved to Tribeca in 2008. He was managing a little coffee-pizza place on Reade, and made the only decent latte in the neighborhood in those pre-Starbucks, pre-Pain Quotidien days. He was a good guy and became a friend and confidant. After he left and the owner cashed out her real estate, I would occasionally bump into him on the street. He was one of the genuine people. He grew up poor in Texas, but he was a likely, bright guy and was reinventing himself.

I hadn't seen him in some years, but I thought about him. On Friday, he was stabbed by a couple of thugs hanging out on school steps — right, school steps — while apartment-shopping with his wife in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The news stories said the attack was random, senseless, unprovoked, and started with one of the kids asking "What you looking at?"

I can see the scene. My friend, running. His wife, screaming. The two kids had been causing trouble in the neighborhood for some time and under another mayor would have been locked up.

It's a bad day when a man can be murdered for nothing at all.





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  1. Ruza Bagaric, Stewart Inglis on August 22, 2017 5:18 pm

    Hi Laurel,

    We also met George in Tribeca and called him a dear friend. We are devastated by his senseless death. To celebrate his bright and all too short life we are trying to contact his local Tribeca and Battery Park City friends and acquaintances and anybody who cares for a last drink on the river in his memory.

    We saw your post on George’s memorial fundraiser.


    Ruza Bagaric and Stewart Inglis


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