Stephen Maturin and Jack Aubrey, in "The Mauritius Command," by Patrick O'Brian:

Stephen … looked at Jack with his pale, expressionless eyes, looking objectively at his friend, tall, sanguine, almost beefy, full of health, rich, and under his kindly though moderate concern happy and even triumphant. He thought, 'You cannot blame the bull because the frog burst: the bull has no comprehension of the affair…'

This week the shorts must have felt just like the frog when the bull burst it. But what happens afterwards? Well, it seems the bull has no comprehension of the affair and just races on.

Since the beginning of 2003, there have been five instances of an up week of more than three percent (S&P Futures). The next week the market was up five out of five for an average of another one percent.






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  1. rallyforever on March 23, 2007 8:28 pm

    This is just a technical expression, we don’t have to forget the final sense, don’t let the bear control of the market. In fact this has happened, which is exactly what the bulls wanted, protect and control their big investments. I wouldn’t feel lost for a technical expression, now were we go, we have two days to think Saturday and Sunday. Everything depend on what will be discussed by the financial arena, not by any frog or understanding or misunderstanding of a frog. I apologize for my poor financial English American to all of you, but because was so poor they never thought that back to me could hide such a big opponent like you and your… friends, I need more communication. Somehow was a big advantage and edge that played this time on our side. Coco


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