In the book Presuasion recommended to me by The Chair the act of reciting or singing together or marching instep creates subconscious feeling of group unity leading to greater willingness to help other group members. A similar technique is used by churches and armies.





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  1. bo keely on July 11, 2017 11:35 am

    This is the technique used in California education, police and military. It’s applied to all classes in, for example, becoming a paramedic. I was the top student in my class through the first quarter, until one day I questioned the teacher in front of the class about a test question I thought I had answered correctly. The gist of the multiple-choice question was about how an individual conducts himself during a paramedic call when other authority such as highway patrol, ambulances, or a physician are present. I selected the answer, ‘Act as a group except in some instances act as an individual.’ The teacher rebuffed me in class, saying, ‘There is no room for individuality in here.’ So, I showed my individuality by walking out of the class.


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