Does anyone shop at Staples anymore? Doesn't Staples own Office Depot and Office Max? Is this another reason to buy AMZN because of the fact that Custer's band of soldiers over at Staples(and most other retail) is circling the wagons before the inevitable?

I was the only customer in my local Staples today. The store was empty and this was at 2:30 after the grain close, normally a busy time when I go there. They were staffed very light with a girl running the front end and register, the general manager on the floor, and one guy on the floor stocking and waiting on customers. And this was after their lunch break according to the guy on the floor when queried as to why the light staff. Looks like they have a pretty tight payroll with no hours to spare and the guy said that he was full time and cut back to 32 hours. Yet they have help wanted in the window. The store was badly in the weeds, and the shelves showed the empty spaces of out of stocks. In fact, they were out of what I stopped in there for and said it would take a couple of days. I was tempted to order it off of AMZN for tomorrow's delivery in front of the manager who tried to find what I needed. He knows retailers like Staples are dinosaurs and times are a changing. Why make him feel worse by rubbing it in? The poor guy looked beleaguered, like everyone in retail is. Working in retail has to be the shittiest existence in the world. It is top down management, everyone is responsible for making their numbers, yet nobody is making their numbers. There seems to be money everywhere, but none in their shop. The despair shows in many of the faces in every retail place you go….hours are being cut with the same work, quotas, and numbers as before, in fact more from less. It's gotta be hell for the workers getting ripped by their bosses, those bosses in turn are getting ripped up by their bosses, and on and on all the way to the top banana.

Face it, we're all getting spoiled online, and discovering that driving to places to buy something, go shopping is a waste of time. How much more enjoyable is life if one can substitute a round of golf, tennis, surfing, museums, music, rather than the drudge of shopping and dealing with surly staff? How uplifting to be liberated from shopping which is equivalent to the period 90 years ago when the average middle class housewife got a washing machine and was liberated from the hours and hours a day doing laundry by hand.


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