My Retort, from Jeff Watson

June 19, 2017 |

I was talking to a gentleman who is a classic pessimist and here is what I wrote to him:

You are such a pessimist. I'm glad I don't suffer from your disease. I'm an unbridled optimist for the earth, and for the uplifting progression of mankind. Do you realize that mankind is headed for a bull market in "mankind." It will be a multi-century bull market. This is evidenced by things like reduced total worldwide extreme poverty by 90% since 1950. We're getting more peaceful too, with many less getting killed in any conflict than at any other time. Hunger is down significantly, life expectancy overall is way up. Childhood deaths are a fraction of what they were in 1950, and real per capita income of the planet is up 85% since 1950. Worldwide literacy rates have never been higher. Our technology will increase by a million percent in the next 300 years. There's so much to be optimistic for and mankind will most certainly benefit from this new golden age. Incidentally, everything good for humanity, like reducing poverty, disease, early deaths, wars, famines etc has been done by optimistic people. The exponential increase of science and technology is solely because of optimists. The optimists of the world are responsible for every great achievement of mankind, from the Magna Carta to penicillin to landing on the moon. Nothing has of note has ever been done by pessimists. Pessimists add no value to anything as they are too busy waiting for the sky to fall, the market to crash, and the bankers to take the lint out of your pocket. How can one positively add to the human condition when one is huddled up in a defensive mode crying about how whatever cabal, what boogeyman is trying to bankrupt you and eat your children in some blood ritual.

I really feel sorry for those who's emotions are not on solid ground. One suspects that it's all the bad news one is inundated with 24/7(if it bleeds it leads), and the large segment of the population that cannot think for themselves. Most people can't, hence the popularity of the different outlets like Fox and MSNBC that tell their disciples how and what to think. If one can think for one's self none of this bad "news" is going to be a make any difference, certainly not in one's day to day life. Anyways, what poses as news these days is mostly editorial. It goes without saying that I prefer facts and figures to news/editorial. The facts are strongly indicating that we're in the initial stages of a grand movement, a total upward trajectory for the human race. A market equivalent is that right now we're the S&P 500 and we're priced at 72 points and getting ready to rally. And a reality of the present stock market is that some of this optimism is priced in, as it should be.





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  1. Peter on July 4, 2017 11:35 am

    Well done

  2. STEPHEN THOMAS on December 6, 2017 9:31 pm

    I agree.

    I failed my first round, after I graduated from college, because I was so heavily indoctrinated by liberal arts professors in hopelessness. I was in a position to profit from the computer revolution, but I didn’t see the opportunity.

    Having children reoriented my thinking, and I learned to see the opportunities.

    I try now to always see the opportunity first. I’m 68 years old and I’ve been retired for 5 years to help raise grandkids. I plan to return to work when the grandkids are all in school, and I see another great tech opportunity awaiting me… virtual reality.


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