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Paul Haber did the impossible beating the world racquetball champion in a winner take all Hands versus Racquet match in Memphis. Sports Illustrated called it the greatest mixed sport match in the history of athletic competition. In the world of handball, Paul Haber was Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Hull, Joe DiMaggio, Joe Namath, and a dash of Frank Sinatra. A Sports Illustrated writer called him "the most colorful champion in sports since Namath - and with better knees."

Howie Eisenberg writes: 

Ironically in the match with Muehleson, it looked as if Paul was playing clean and the dentist, pullar of society was intentionally blocking. It didn't seem as if Muehleson was using the power advantage that a racquet has. Yes Paul Haber was a a scumbag but except for the screaming at the refs was not bad on the court. Nobody had any greater will to win than him. He was actually fun to be with if you weren't playing against him or lending him money or he wasn't sleeping with your wife as he did with some guy who was dumb enough to invite him to stay at his house for a tournament. He and his father also named each other as corespondents in a paternity suit. Other than that he was a paragon of virtue.





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  1. Andy Hollan on May 31, 2017 9:42 pm

    The documentary Paul Haber:Against the Wall inspired Monty Nereim to write a book Undiagnosed,Unscrupulous and Unbeatable:The Paul Haber Story.
    An audio book on Paul Haber “Hot Hands,Hot Nights” was produced after his death in 2003.

    After it was discovered during film research for Paul Haber:Against the Wall money was raised and Paul received a tombstone and graffiti was removed from the indigent San Diego,California grave site where he was found.

  2. Monty Nereim on June 1, 2017 10:16 am

    Andy Hollan captured the attention of many with his documentary of this incredible athlete. I wrote the book Undiagnosed, Unscrupulous and Unbeatable but now I keep getting asked “Why Paul Haber.” Here’s why:


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