No sooner had I said that the attempts to damage Him seemed somewhat epicyclic, that his hand shakes are belittled and ridiculed. I can't find the proper analogy for these attempts in nature right now but I can in the one thing I know about–racquet sports. Often one plays against a player who is relatively impervious to your game. First you try bringing him to the net, then you hit to his week side, then you try rushing to the net, then you lob. Then you play dead. Then you delay. Finally you hit one down the middle and rush the net, I once played Ralph–in the finals of the gold rackets, and I was up 13-5, 2-0. He had tried a bag of tricks but it didn't work. He then turned around off the backwall and aimed it for the back of my head with all his might. I demanded the referee default him even though I was up 14-5. But the refs like the press now were always against me.

"Macron Out-Trumps Trump in Handshake Duel Before NATO Summit"

By Jennifer Jacobs, Margaret Talev and Craig Gordon

Donald Trump is known for employing knuckle- crushing, testosterone-driven, arm-shuddering handshakes. But he met his match today in Emmanuel Macron.

It took the French president just six seconds to out-Trump Trump in a handshake that showed the world — and a man three decades his senior — that there's a new leader on the world stage.

Trump's trick is to go in strong and then hold on just slightly too long, often pulling the other man toward him. Meeting Macron for the first time before a NATO summit in Brussels, Trump went in firm as usual. But this time, it was Trump — not Macron — who tried to back out first. Macron simply wouldn't let go as Trump tried to pull back once, and then flexed his fingers straight to get out. On the second try, he was able to pull away.





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