On healthcare, the actual voters wanted "repeal and replace", not just repeal. Even among Republican likely voters, few than half wanted complete repeal and "start all over", according to the most recent Rasmussen; and an equal number wanted "Go through the law piece by piece to improve it". Overall, the poll results were 54% for "piece by piece", 31% for "repeal only" and only 13% for "leave as is". Trump's judgment was proven correct: the voters wanted him to do something that was an attempt to "fix" healthcare.

On the question of churches in politics, his instincts were also in line with the likely voters. On the question of whether churches should be banned from politics, their response was 39% Yes, 52% No and 9% undecided.

Among Republicans Trump has a nearly 5-to-1 Approval ratio: 51% Strongly Approve, 11% Strongly Disapprove. The Never Trump "conservatives" are even outvoted by the 15% of Democrats who Strongly Approve. The overall result is 47% Approve, 53% Disapprove which are exactly 3% below what the beloved outgoing President's numbers were at this time last year. For a Republican President, who never ever wins the net approval of the "non-partisan" middle until they are faced with an actual ballot, those are more than satisfactory numbers.





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