Harold Weaver, a friend of M.F.M. Osborne and me, a great man, just passed away.

I wrote a letter to his family:

I was despondent to hear of your father's death. He was such a great man and was very inspiring to me while at Berkeley. I read Osborne's biography which had many connections with the family. If you haven't seen it it , I could send to you. I moved from Berkeley some 50 years ago and and lost touch with Harold which was my loss. I wrote to him a few times after that but the Internet did not connect us. I would be happy to assist you in any way. I remember him as always curious and always ready to test a new theory. He must have lived to almost almost 100. But for him that was much too short. 

And I would add that he will always be remembered in the world of investing for his invention of the Weaver diagram. A way of expressing a 3 dimensional time series in two dimensions. You take two variables like stocks and bonds, and plot the first observations as a point, then you draw an arrow from the first observation to the second observation. It's a very effective in showing concentrations and divergences over time and angles between things such as

/ bonds /

with arrows connecting. Somewhat like Poincare phase maps for orbiting planets, but applied to prices of assets. He audited my class for two years and his warm good humour was a highlite. I believe I introduced him to Art Jensen and we went out to dinner together. I will remember his as one of the warmest, most creative, and decent people I ever met. vic

A news release from U.C. Berkeley:

Pioneering Radio Astronomer Harold Weaver dies at age 99 

A Weaver diagram tracing the relationship between bond yield slope and stock prices





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  1. Andre on May 6, 2017 1:13 pm

    Isn’t nock’’s economism similar to soros’s market fundamentalism are their opinions distasteful on this site?

  2. Andre on May 6, 2017 1:16 pm

    Do the trading systems of the pit era work better on the live cattle than on 24 hour markets it seems to be the case now for live cattle until the cycle changes which maybe soon bc i bring this up


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