I attended an Arthur Niederhoffer awards dinner at John Jay the college he co-founded that now has 18,000 students versus the 15 it started with. Immigration restrictions, evil and biased activities figured in every one's talk. And there was raucous applauds when someone demurred about some fine police action against perps that he was forced to take on Nov. 9 as there was for the new President who was a Chief of Attorney General Lynch's justice department who is even more compassionate than the Cattle trader.

Every person speaking made a point of their dismay, anomie about the recent Elect outcome. Every day one meets or hears about hundreds with similar feelings and beliefs. No where are these feelings more pronounced one would surmise than in our own Board of Governors who are meeting today.

No matter how hard they tried to do him in before hand with their Hot Markets stance and their certainty of 10 hikes after, their emphasis on the crazily flawed Cape Model of the Yale Nobelist, the market, the wealth keeps gong up. I say they pull out all the stops to give him a well deserved drubbing today.





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  1. Mark A Bates on May 4, 2017 11:21 am

    I’ve been a fan and avid reader for many years. This post is a head-scratcher. I do appreciate the word “anomie”, very appropriate.

  2. Peter Ringel on May 5, 2017 2:06 pm

    Hello Vic, For Years now - I am a grateful reader of your books, your twitter & blog posts and especially the recommended books. I learned a lot from that. Now - one of your members encouraged me to try to join your list. If joining is possible, I hope to learn a lot more and maybe can give some back.(I fear though that I can not compete with the knowledge & quality of your member-post; The reason why I hesitated to ask in the past) Also attending a spec party in the future would be wonderful. Is it possible to join the spec-list ? warm regards Peter


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