Faust thinks at least scientists at least acknowledge they have a huge incentive to tweak, or outright fake, statistical analyses to make results seem significant or to align with government priorities. Science marchers however treat research as something akin to religious awe rather than acknowledge its flaws. This tends to cause self-identified "science enthusiasts" to only accept science which supports their views.

"Another example is the vocal wing of environmentalists who got up one day and decided that genetically modified organisms were bad for you," Faust writes. "They had not one shred of evidence for this, but it just kind of felt true. As a result, responsible scientists will be fighting against these zealots for years to come."

"Harvard Instructor: Science March Was ‘Eerily Religious’"

Steve Ellison writes: 

I often say that a benefit of doing research and statistics in our field is that there is no "publish or perish", but only "a cruel but not unusual form of 'capital punishment'", as Richard Band put it, if we get something wrong.





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  1. nelson riddle on April 29, 2017 10:19 pm

    Looks like the daily caller did some selective lifting from the slate article. Do read it. I think, however, that the physician underestimates how aware the marchers are of the problems he cites. Even with those problems and glitches it is worth the signaling, under current conditions of dialogue, that the marchers are engaging in.


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