Here's a copy of a book by Jim Patten: In the Wheat Pit. Patten was one of those early, larger than life, wheat speculators in the vein of Cutten, Leiter, Armour, et al. For awhile, he was the big dog of the pit and could carry 30 million bushels. He was known as one of the most honorable gentlemen to ever trade, part of that old school grain crowd. This book has so many meals of a lifetime that it would take a long time to even scratch the surface.. The stories, anecdotes, and lessons contained in this "autobiography," are priceless.





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  1. Andre on March 31, 2017 12:22 pm

    I like what Jim Simons said about God giving him a tail to keep the flies away but he didn’t ask for a tail nor the flies. Relevant to dealing with flies, hoodoos, and sinister persons that give you a sick feeling.


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