It is interesting to note the two up days that preceded yesterday's meeting of Governors (FOMC):

  Friday 3/16 Monday 3/19 Tuesday 3/20 Wednesday 3/21
S&P futures 1399 1416 1423 1445
DAX futures 6580 6671 6700 6880
Nikkei 16730 17115 17220 17475
VIX 16.8 14.6 13.3 12.2

There is a certain symmetry with the following build up to a recent 'event':

  Wednesday 2/21 Thursday 2/22 Friday 2/23 Monday 2/26 Tuesday 2/27
S&P futures 1474 1472 1467 1465 1408
VIX 10.2 10.2 10.6 11.2 18.3

Similarly, two ups and soar have occured on nine consecutive Fed meetings.

Is it a crime to start each day
With a laugh, and a smile, and a song?
And is it a crime to end each day
With a laugh, and a smile, and a song?
Is it wrong, is it a crime
To call the world your valentine?
Is it a crime to grab a lamp-post
And then sing "Sweet Adeline?"
I ask you
Is it a crime to save a wee
Baby bird when it falls from its nest?
That little bird should have a chance
To fly like all the rest.
So if it's a crime to help old ladies cross the
Then put me in jail
Without bail,
Bread and water from an old tin pail,
If that's, if that's a crime.

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