It is interesting to note the two up days that preceded yesterday's meeting of Governors (FOMC):

  Friday 3/16 Monday 3/19 Tuesday 3/20 Wednesday 3/21
S&P futures 1399 1416 1423 1445
DAX futures 6580 6671 6700 6880
Nikkei 16730 17115 17220 17475
VIX 16.8 14.6 13.3 12.2

There is a certain symmetry with the following build up to a recent 'event':

  Wednesday 2/21 Thursday 2/22 Friday 2/23 Monday 2/26 Tuesday 2/27
S&P futures 1474 1472 1467 1465 1408
VIX 10.2 10.2 10.6 11.2 18.3

Similarly, two ups and soar have occured on nine consecutive Fed meetings.

Is it a crime to start each day
With a laugh, and a smile, and a song?
And is it a crime to end each day
With a laugh, and a smile, and a song?
Is it wrong, is it a crime
To call the world your valentine?
Is it a crime to grab a lamp-post
And then sing "Sweet Adeline?"
I ask you
Is it a crime to save a wee
Baby bird when it falls from its nest?
That little bird should have a chance
To fly like all the rest.
So if it's a crime to help old ladies cross the
Then put me in jail
Without bail,
Bread and water from an old tin pail,
If that's, if that's a crime.

[Read the rest of the lyrics to Bells Are Ringing





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  1. Gualtiero Cocco on March 25, 2007 2:49 pm

    Just love your lyrics !!!
    5 foot 8
    brown eyes
    no mustache
    all hair
    I can meet you
    no fat no glasses only reading
    good looking
    you gotta do it all alone ?
    no I like friends!!
    lots of them !!
    and love party and tequila mix
    as red wine…and party
    how can I meet you ?
    going through NY soon
    I love beautiful minds
    and your lyrics just had a print out.
    my dad is not a lyric…have to go!
    who are you ?
    tell me about you..
    same lyric

  2. Gualtiero Cocco on March 25, 2007 4:44 pm

    There is something of the lyric that
    I understand more,I am a musician
    and love love love bells are Ringing!
    must be someone who understood
    the way I am.
    totally open I fly like an eagle
    in the blu sky, open to beautiful lyrics
    like you wrote. I love to help as
    I love to be helped,
    something in my music is changed
    recently. the rhythm of vic’s
    boys is seductive i am in total
    ecstasy and reconsidering….
    I just love you all guys
    you can’t believe how much,
    as you were able to play my music.
    just nuts nuts nuts because of it !!!

  3. Gualtiero Cocco on March 25, 2007 6:58 pm

    so sorry to not see you,
    i see the power of your words
    the rhythm is seductive
    just total bliss of your lyric..
    I just didn’t see it before…
    today I went through four times..
    if you don’t replay won’t be enough..
    I will read it again…

  4. Gualtiero Cocco on March 26, 2007 2:40 am

    Sweet heart there is something that Beethoven
    needs to tell you his wife is very
    demanding this days she is very
    sensitive and very jealous so
    he feels her on his my neck that make him very
    nervous very tens for Beethoven
    so very difficult to develop his Music
    with all this stress !!

    You know how much Beethoven love his music
    his wife also said to him to stop to play
    his music which made him furious
    so Beethoven need space to breath
    to fly like an eagle always loyal
    no cheating with his wife
    Beethoven he is a nice man nice man

    When that day opened the Concert
    he was playing SNDK in sol minor
    the night before the thieves trapped him
    at the close on that, Beethoven continue to play the day after
    holding in his hands his musical instrument
    the morning after they were playing the red march..
    sndk was playing green piano up took the instrument
    and out the concert my spine was in pain so much
    I couldn’t play anymore that morning because of the stress
    of my wife and music
    Beethoven had an accident young in car and broke two vertebra
    now all is fine at 49 his spine very sensitive also and might be difficult
    to play his music without risking to loose his music again
    That is why Beethoven needs all good real friends today !!!
    because somone can play his music better then him….
    not losing any melody any sound

    So life continue and in Beethoven’s
    mind thoughts to leave his wife continue
    but he loves his wife and his son a lot
    but also his music ….life
    sweetie has more then one chapter
    and remember John Lennon song life is …..
    what happen while you are planning something else
    I guess more or less…..
    also thoughts of my father keep me awake

    now you can have a more precise idea what’s
    going on in Beethoven’s heart this days
    I need a break I need good real new friends
    and I need to see my father and take something
    in my house in Tuscany so in a couple of months I will be back !


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