One my way home from work one evening, I was flipping through some of my favorite channels on SiriusXM and came across theme night on the "60s on 6" channel.

It was "Spoken Word" night. For those of us old enough, you may remember the phase during the late 60s and through the 70s where spoken word music was popular (well, I'm not sure "popular" is the correct word, but we'll go with it).

The first song I heard was by some group called "Think". The song was "Once You Understand".

The song was horrible. But…it was so horrible that I couldn't stop listening. I wanted to hear what stupidity they were going to say next…and they never disappointed.

So here is a sampling of the songs that I heard last night.

Once You Understand

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear's Last Ride

To a Sleeping Beauty

The Man in my Little Girls Life

I am going to warn you in advance, the songs are horrid, but you may find yourself compelled to listen to just to hear the "lyrics" that are so trite and only exist to elicit an emotional response from people who really don't have a life or the ability to create real emotion on their own…or maybe they're designed to get people like me to listen and the artist is secretly laughing with me because we get the joke.

As times have changed, these types of songs have gone away (thank goodness). But they've been replaced (IMHO) with a 24 hour news cycle of bad news and economic blathering designed to distract us from what is really important in the world.

I listened to my conservative friends babble on and on about how Obama was a Kenyan born Muslim Manchurian Candidate destined to destroy the country

I listen to my liberal friends drone on now about how Trump is an evil racist, misogynist planted by Russia to bring down the US.

I hear "economic and investing experts" on the radio and TV sounding really intelligent, but in reality, at best, they're not giving out any good information, or at worst, they're just talking their books.

So enjoy, as best as you can, the horrible songs linked above…and while you're listening, think about what distracts you on a daily basis from being the best trader you can be.





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