A coffee shop opened six months ago in Slab City called Starbucks that served coffee that the people swore rivaled the real thing. The shop was erected on a slab with wood pallet sides and comfortable couches built into a Palo Verde tree, and a drive-through under a branch where clients could pick up freshly brewed methamphetamine.

Today the sheriff picked up the manager for outstanding warrants. After he was escorted to jail, his 'grandmother' burned the store to the ground, including two 8-week old Cocker Spaniel pups named Caffeine and Free. Starbucks is still hot and black, with a new smell.





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  1. James Sherborne on February 28, 2017 9:12 pm

    Now it’s burnt, it must taste even more authentic.

  2. Linno on March 25, 2017 7:16 am

    Bo i met you in slab city and know the truth behind most of these stories. I would like to talk to you and pick your brain a little if you wouldnt mind. Im hula girl, you drove my van for me one night from the range… come find me please (good intentions one magical folk to anotber) ill be at stickmans (aka my) cam0 this weekend if this message you in time


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