This is an unusual paper on collective decision-making by bison–when herd behavior hurts. In which bison have a tough time with environmental cues, discernment of natural vs. man-made areas, and avoidance of ecological traps.

"Mortal munchies: For bison, collective behavior hastens decline":

"In a fusion-fission society, the herd frequently separates and regroups into new clusters. Just one animal who has located a tasty patch, and returned to tell the tale, can be the agent of bad information transmission for many." 


"Collective decision-making promotes fitness loss in a fusion-fission society":

"More generally, our results suggest that when the environment has changed such that environmental cues no longer reflect reliable determinants of fitness, collective information processing may actually be detrimental to fitness."





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  1. Ed on January 25, 2017 9:05 pm

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