What are the 10 things you would strictly warn a man assembling a comeback so as it's more or less guaranteed to happen.

Leo Jia writes: 


There is no where for one to come back to. 

Perhaps we can visualize someone lost in the hilly jungle. He was on a peak. Now, for some reason, he is lost in the jungle somewhere near the valley, feeling miserable and wanting to go back.  The reasons that could make him feeling miserable include: 1. he can't see the sun; 2. other creatures are bugging him; 3. it's quite wet; 4. his former buddies are all on the peak.

But he did not realize that 1. he does not get sunburn nor get bothered by wind; 2. there is a lot of fish to eat; 3. he won't get thirsty; 4. while his buddies are standing still, he is conquering the entire territory with peaks and valleys.

So one should strive to have life's fullness.





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  1. Edward Lam on January 25, 2017 4:09 am

    Here’s one or two:
    - Don’t Rush it. Take plenty of time in preparation. If it is rigorous, the longer the better, because the opposition will think you have lost your edge
    - Don’t come back with exactly the same style. you need to learn either one or two new shots, or have a completely different game
    - Don’t worry about having a wildcat type strategy which will only trick once. Use it, win (comeback); leave.
    - Don’t stick around after the comeback. Don’t plan to stick around.
    What else?


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