There are thousands of drones out there, and the newest technology makes them incredibly easy to fly. Most large drones now have the ability to remain a preset distance from the transmitter, so they won't collide with the operator. Most have a gps based one touch RTB (Return to Base) button that will bring the damned thing back if you lose sight of it. The little ones are an absolute kick in the pants to fly, and hexacopters even more so because they can spin with amazing rotation rates (quite a spectacle when they are lit up).

My son's latest has a radar altimeter and he can program a ceiling into it, so it won't go higher than the tallest doorway and get stuck to the ceiling. It does flips with a single touch to the controller (which is any smart phone - just an app) and attaches to a hydrofoil for fun in the pool.

The little ones are great indoors, but pet hair is anathema to them. Outdoors they will suffer in any sort of wind, and remember, if you go above the treetops, wind speed increases dramatically.

You can start small, really small for under $20: (we have four of these).

I highly recommend extra rotor blades and a cage, bundled here with spare motors for $5.

EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) quads are nice because the rotor blades can't hit anything. This is a fantastic beginners machine, if you want to buy ONE machine, this is probably it .

This one is slightly next level, requires some skill, ~$60

Serious fun is FPV racing (first person view), there are thousands or amazing videos, here's a quick one.

If you want to shoot semi pro or pro video, start with a DJI Phantom 3 or 4.

And for fun here is an absurd video of a human flying drone.





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