The so-called "snowflake" generation works much harder than we boomers did, is more educated, lives in their parent's basements and doesn't know what 4% growth looks like. They are extremely efficient, and put the rest of us to shame. When this gets going, for real, it's really going to cook.

A little kindling from someone who knows how to do it now, a 15 corp tax rate and the great repatriation, among many other factors, many of which were going to occur regardless of who was elected (the ultra-strong market, having not clinched with the termination of QE, the sideways, bear-market-in-time since 2014, the ocean of money which must seek risk to meet liabilities, etc.) but Trump would be fastest on the (inevitable, ultimately) repatriation (which, even at current spending and receipts levels, puts us at a balanced budget for the year of the repatriation, the first time since 2000), and trade (which is directly accounted for in GDP. 170 billion less in annual balance of trade outflows is 1% added to GDP, before the multiplier effect, which is X-fold in addition to this!) and we are at the start of what will ultimately be the bull of our lifetime, and likely outlive many of us. So whereas the markets and economy were bound to perk up, I thought Trump could get it going posthaste. (Plus, I like what he said about women.)

The snowflakes deserve a rocking economy, and will be fueling it.





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  1. Astro the dog on November 29, 2016 1:39 am

    No single generation has seen the fall of a great empire, America will be as the others, your generation works no harder and no longer than others..

    They will act and grow in what the cycle brings them.

    Pluto Pattern Cycle firmly in place.

    Phase 1: Outburst – Pioneers

    Phase 2: Conquest – Soldiers

    Phase 3: Commerce – Merchants

    Phase 4: Affluence – Businessmen

    Phase 5: Intellect – Intellectuals

    Phase 6: Decadence – Athletes

    Phase 7: Decline – Musicians

    Phase 8: Collapse – Actors (Trump inserted pic Hollywood star of fame).


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