The Autobiography of Frank Tarbeaux is well worth the time. It was a great recommendation from the chair.

I like how he found out that horses with a weaze, a lung condition in the east could be bought for $25 and then freight trained to Wyoming and cured by the mountain air and then sold for as much as $500 depending on the quality of the stock.

And that if you wanted men to play cards after dinner serve burgundy since a man will like a warm and soothing feeling that yields to the idea of cards rather than serving champagne which gets a man worked up and wanting to stretch his legs looking for ladies after the meal.





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  1. Robert R Rybolt on January 30, 2020 10:13 pm

    I have been researching Frank Tarbeaux (nee Tarbox) in Freeport, Ill in 1857, not Colorado in 1852, as he claimed. Most serious historians pan the book but there is enough substance in it to be a good research tool. Frank had affiliation with the scam artist, Luccasus Charles (Doc Bags) Bagg, who was also raised in Freeport. Doc Bags taught Frank to scams written about.

    I don’t know what happened to Frank, in 1930 he was living near Plattsburgh, NY. His Autobiography was published in England in 1932 but under Frank Tarbeaux’s byline. This may have been Franks last con. He probably died in Europe under one of his many aliases.


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