I just posted that Gary doesn't know one book game in chess but beats me and Bill, a 1700 all the time. He's an athlete and doesn't know how to lie or cheat like the others. He has common sense as his answer showed as both combatants are using our ammo. He doesn't have 30 secret service or handlers following him around like the others. As he said, "he'll just try to be smarter in the future". But is it smarter to know these jeopardy questions thrown at him to humiliate him. I'd put his IQ at 160, probably the equal of his partner who knows all the pres's of each country, and speaks Greek and Latin the way the 36 in his family had to do to get into Harvard.

Jeff adds:

Remember that Trump doesn't know what the nuclear triad is and the harridan cattle trader didn't know what the letter C in an e-mail header meant. The termagant also didn't know that Libya is having a civil war, one that she started. Gary shouldn't know what Aleppo is as his concerns are to stay away from foreign entanglements.

Charles adds:

A colleague suggested that a good comeback would have been "Look, my intention is to not start wars, so that Americans won't have to know the name of every war ravaged hamlet on earth."





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  1. Ed on September 8, 2016 7:39 pm

    That was set up because they realized he was taking more votes away from the flexion’s choice

  2. Jeff Watson on September 9, 2016 3:07 pm

    In Aleppo once,
    Where a malignant and a turbaned Turk
    Beat a Venetian and traduced the state,
    I took by the throat the circumcisèd dog,
    And smote him, thus.
    down, and then say also that in Aleppo I once saw a Turk beating a Venetian, so I grabbed the Turk by the throat and hit him like this.

    OTHELLO Act 5, Scene 2, Page 19

  3. Arch Stanton on September 14, 2016 1:21 pm

    > That was set up because they realized he was taking
    > more votes away from the flexion’s choice

    Hmmmm. Then why did Pinch agree to run Gary’s ad?


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