Whatever your thing – speculation, athletics, or business – sit for ten minutes and graph your past to a better future. The horizontal axis is time and the vertical skill. The line assumedly rises.

Now to see where it is going, how fast, and why. You will note jumps in the line over time, and try to attribute them to a cause such as a new trick, data, or advisor. Put dots on the line and write tiny reasons for the jumps.

Now you have a graph of where you have been. Look off the invisible future end and imagine what old tricks to repeat and new lessons to add to reach future gains.

There you go on your way to profit in finance, sports, or anything that follows a performance due to ability streak.





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  1. Andrew Goodwin on September 2, 2016 4:19 am

    This is most masterful commentary. It takes Franklin’s checkpoint diary method of self-improvement. Then it builds something new and utilitarian for those among us who may perceive in a varied visual, experiential, though schematic manner.


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