What is Life, from Jim Sogi

July 11, 2016 |

 What is Life by Erwin Schrodinger must be one of the important books of the 20th century as it was cited by Watson Crick and Rosalind Franklin as their theoretical inspiration to discover DNA. He asks what the basis of life is from a physics and chemistry point of view. Modern physics is based on statistics and the so called laws are only averages based on the law of large numbers. This observation hit me as profound. At smaller numbers randomness rules. As an example when a gas is present at one end of a container at higher concentration it will diffuse as a result of random motion with slightly more atoms going left than right.

We've seen that trends appear in random time series. In real markets the upper bound is infinity and the random tendency would be for prices to move upward with nothing more than random action. This not even considering the innate urge to produce, the need to consume and innovation and progress. Here at near all time highs this is something to consider


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