The two greatest hoodoos are back in the news, J.R Smith, and D'Antoni. One can predict that both their teams will suffer grievously. Is there a hoodoo of the market?

The Davos meetings are always good because all those who hate business enterprise get together and confirm their bearish feelings.

Speaking of that, any big party at the Palindrome's during the summer is a hoodoo for the same reason as he's always bearish and with all his followers there, they control trillions.

How else could these hoodoos create the average returns they achieve with their large quantities moving markets and costing so much vig?





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  1. zatara on June 4, 2016 7:09 am

    I don’t understand how the palindrome (& some of his bearish followers) have not been washed out with upward drift in equities if they actually believed and acted on their bearish views?


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