I was fortunate recently to attend a seminar in part given by a "serious" Seal Team 6 member. Recognizing that using the word "serious" in referencing a Seal Team 6 member is redundant I will do so anyway with that knowledge for emphasis. I can say this with a fair degree of accuracy given my own training and the fact I was 5 feet away for the multi hour seminar. While I was not being demonstrated on I found some time to make some notes. Later in a private conversation he and I talked about the cross application of the techniques and lessons across many fields and in nature. Here are just 6:

1. Consider a weapon not just by the traditional description but in terms of all the tools you can train and deploy, particularly your mind. Willpower is a powerful weapon.

2. Never attack from the same place more than twice at most, keep your opponent off-guard and move around.

3. Minimize emotions or you will have difficulty maintaining a focused mind.

4. Assume there is no back up and control your risk accordingly.

5. Think outside the box, but don't chase things you can't see. On offense, though, you need to own the situation.

6. Nerve, stand for something every day and remember the SAS creed "those who dare win".





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  1. anand on April 19, 2016 6:52 am

    how do you suggest doing number 3 “minimise emotions”? .. I think if you master this you will have accomplished something which eastern spirituality has been wrestling with for a very long time.


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