There was a restaurant which had good service and good customer satisfaction 15 years ago. Over time, customer satisfaction went down, and average lunch duration crept up to 75 minutes, up from under 60. They hired a consultant to figure out why.

Now when people are seated, 15% ask to be relocated, up from zero before. When seated, waiter brings water and menus in same time, but people look at their phones for 6 minutes, and 12% ask waiter for assistance with wifi. When asked what their order is, most say, we haven't looked at menu yet. When food comes, in same time, a number take pictures with their phones, and ask waiter to take their picture for social media. An increasing number then complain about food being cold, or having gluten, meat, fats, sugars, cheese, nuts, or some food allergy thing. Net result: satisfaction down, time up. Whose fault?

I see a many people about who act and feel entitled. This seems more prevalent on the East Coast. These are the people who try to cut the line to just drop something off, or ask a "quick question". These are people to berate the waiters, the postal employees. We know the anecdote about the tragedy of the commons. But time is a communal resource in public situation. How much time is being wasted globally? I would be an interesting metric to quantify.





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