Is there a similarity between Japanese 10 year yields over the past 20 plus years and the Argentine Peso? I realize the Japanese yields are not pegged but even though Perry's black ships did arrive Japan is incredibly homogeneous and while declining Japanese bond ownership is largely domestic.

Is there a growing disconnect between the "peg" of European peripheral yields and social, economic, and political disparities that seem to be rising? For example look at GDP growth, yields, and debt level growth amongst the parties.

Further to the point on the military being a social good how does that factor in with: recent success and failure rates globally over the past few decades, growing domestic debt levels, "fair" and "delinquent" contribution to such treaties as NATO, etc…. is there a peg involved here as well?

As someone like Rocky will rightly point out this may all be well and good, right, or wrong but the key is to monetizing such theses: making the most when you are right and losing the least when you are wrong…both monetarily and mentally. Determining not only what may happen, the expected probabilities, size of possible price changes, catalysts, and how to best express the view directly within appropriate risk parameters and the best instruments with which to do so.





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