This is a fascinating article that leads me to imagine how much more the subconscious mind performs everyday with the visual signal without our awareness. Is it at work when we read something? If it is, then it could get different meanings of the text from our understandings. How much could the difference matter to us? Surely it is at work when we look at trading charts. Does it have a better way to trade the charts than what we are aware of? How can we best know what it tries to guide us? Perhaps this is a strong hint on the benefits of meditation, by which we are supposed to obtain clearer understanding of the situations we are in.


"A patient with bilateral damage to primary visual (striated) cortex has provided the opportunity to assess just what visual capacities are possible in the absence of geniculo-striate pathways. Patient TN suffered two strokes in succession, lesioning each visual cortex in turn and causing clinical blindness over his whole visual field. Functional and anatomical brain imaging assessments showed that TN completely lacks any functional visual cortex. We report here that, among other retained abilities, he can successfully navigate down the extent of a long corridor in which various barriers were placed. A video recording shows him skillfully avoiding and turning around the blockages. This demonstrates that extra-striate pathways in humans can sustain sophisticated visuo-spatial skills in the absence of perceptual awareness, akin to what has been previously reported in monkeys. It remains to be determined which of the several extra-striate pathways account for TN's intact navigation skills."


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