When I go on a ski expedition or have a musical performance coming up, I spend countless hours preparing the gear, the techniques, the words, training the muscles, lungs, heart, and mind. It is the difference between success and trouble. Books and books have been written on the subject.

When preparing to trade, it's good to be prepared. Have your equipment, the connection, the data, the broker, a back up for everything, power in good order and readily available. Have a clear schedule, and a clear mind. Have the trade situation and prospects well in hand and an opinion and a plan.

Even after doing these things for many years practice is important because the muscles and mind cannot just pick up an activity without hours and hours of practice strengthening the muscles. The mind and inner sense pick up nuances that only come with regular and repeated practice. It's more about hard work and perseverance than talent. It took me a long time to learn this difficult and hard lesson.


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