The edge in part related to the vig would be reduced to 0 if there were just 1 or 2 trades a day in  markets. Which time would be best for a non-flexion, non-top-feeder, i.e., the public, to trade if they wished to maximize their wealth?

Andrew Goodwin replies:

Mutual funds have had one price per day in most cases. It has proven difficult to keep various sharpies out of securities markets whether these markets price continuously or just once per day. The names and tactics change.

Ralph Vince comments:

You're referring to the most illiquid of times - which correspond to violent selloffs, not so much sleepy, pastoral markets. The most recent in memory was the open of 8/24/15.





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  1. TanausĂș on March 18, 2016 6:00 pm

    congratulations, congratulations, am a follower of your blog and your story told by means of a man being ave Fenix .wear 2 years following the futures markets for 8 hours a day, since I’ve been out of work and I would like to continue learning and Unlearning above all to learn, sorry my in English, and as a child he caught my attention but to get my family out I have not had the opirttunidad, and I would like to have mentors are men like uste antifragiles nassim taleb, Soros my more idols next to the Phoenix Sr.victor.


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