Apparently the 5 people they survey in the consumer sentiment survey don't own stocks or commodities as 90% of them are still optimistic. Amazing it's only down 2% from last month and shows how worthless the number is.





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  1. Aharon on February 14, 2016 10:59 pm

    Worthless for what? You can’t buy a cup of coffee with a consumer survey, however broad, unless you’re the one being paid to conduct the survey…

    And I daresay a survey of those who own commodities might not be a goldmine.

  2. douglas roberts dimick on February 19, 2016 11:07 pm

    Market Bubbles in a Bubble

    Owners of stocks and commodities are consumers or instead investors or speculators or traders?

    Sure, sure… those “in” the markets are consumers. That said…

    Consumer sentiment reaches well beyond that iconoclastic community, often cult sounding, seemingly at times lost in their own numeric world (or bubble).

    Are Wall Street cats pawing their millions much of a reflection of main street, where the bulk of consumer metrics can be found?

    One may think too much of one self, finding superimposed spheres of influence (e.g., consumer sentiment and financial markets) to correlate in time and or space. It (that correlation) does not make it so, instead merely that… a connection not the causation.

    Would our basic economic model of supply and demand come to an end if the the current regime of financial markets was closed?

    Does one really think so?

    Note the two leading outsiders in this election cycle… Trump and Sanders. They are polar opposites, a bright line contradiction to each other. Still, they both agree that our current financial system is corrupt… “rigged” is the word of late in fashion.

    2008 popped a lot of bubbles, and made many Americans angry, fed up with the fat cats, and now advance to doing exactly what our republican form of government was designed to do… throw the rascals out.

    Submit that we are well past the emotive level of sentiment…

    Rage Against the Machine… Wasn’t that the band’s name?

    Spent 8 years watching massive real estate, stock, and provincial/corporate debt bubbles being continued to expand in a Communist country, whereby the bubble makers back here in Capitalist HQ increasingly sounded like them, the Communists…

    Then it dawned on me… They learned it from us.




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